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Of saecula Viduātūrum is a solo journaling game for a single player that utilizes a set of changing mechanics, including drawing from a tarot deck and some more complex dice-based mechanics at the start, before becoming more narrative play. In it, you find yourself trapped in an antagonistic labyrinthine world of echoes and mirrors. The world simply expects your character to wander here, forever, on a loop. 

You begin your journey trapped and constrained by your character's mechanics, these are the only things your character is allowed to act within— this is intended to be restrictive, think OSR adjacent mechanics, or even more limited. The game is meant to start in an antagonistic way: the world of saecula Viduātūrum is meant to be against your character, is about situations in which you cannot be yourself, in which the world will not let you define yourself (hence the preview submission to trans rage jam). 

Through the course of play, you will slowly change the mechanics of the game, and thus, your characters ability to interact with the world as you succeed, moving from more restrictive, structured numbers focused mechanics to engage with the cards you draw, to more narrative, open mechanics. Over time not only will you be able to redefine things on your character sheet for yourself, but you will also destroy parts of it, destroy cards you draw, and over the course of it, find your character's anger and self. 

This game is intended to grapple with trauma and identity, and escaping spaces in which you aren’t allowed to be yourself, so make sure you are in an okay place to do these things before playing.

This game is currently a preview of pieces of a game for the Trans Rage Jam, and not quite in a playable state yet. Follow this page for updates!


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